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     Found 67 articles.


    1. A Biological Interpretation of Qi by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D


    2. Basic Concepts of Qi by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


    3. Basic Qi Principles by Michael J. Gelb


    4. Dao and Qi - excerpts by Livia Kohn, Ph.D.


    5. Definition of Qi and Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


    6. Evidence of Instant Effect of External Qi by Shui Yin Lo, PhD


    7. Feng Shui, Native American Beliefs and Health by James Loretta


    8. Gods Living In The Body? by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson


    9. How the Alchemist Shapes the Qi Field by Michael Winn


    10. Internal Qi Breathing by Michael Winn


    11. Is Qi Real? Yes, Beyond Any Doubt by Michael Winn


    12. Measuring the Qi in T'ai Chi by Plucky29


    13. Prana Excerpts from Raja Yoga by Swami Vivekananda


    14. Qi (Chi) and Feng Shui by James Loretta


    15. Qi and Feng Shui: An Introduction by John Voigt


    16. Qi and the American Indian by James Loretta


    17. Qi as an Energy Matrix by John Bracy


    18. Qi Definition by Various Sources


    19. Qi from the Wikipedia archives by Various Sources


    20. Qi in Calligraphy by Steven Luo


    21. Qi In Chinese Painting by John Voigt


    22. Qi in Daoism: Lu Dongbin's Hundred Word Monument by Lu Dongbin


    23. Qi in Martial Arts by Dr. Paul Lam


    24. Qi in New World Encyclopedia by Various Sources


    25. Qi in Qigong by John Voigt


    26. Qi in the "Daodejing" by John Voigt


    27. Qi in the Internal Martial Arts by John Bracy


    28. Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine by Marty Eisen, Ph.D


    29. Qi in Traditional Chinese Thought by Marty Eisen, Ph.D


    30. Qi Is the Real Secret of Creativity by Michael J. Gelb


    31. Qi's Role in Taijiquan by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


    32. Qi-Matter As Energy by Joseph Needham


    33. Qi: The Thumbnail Sketch by John Voigt


    34. Subtle Energies by Deno Kazanis, Ph.D


    35. Taijiquan Jing by Zhang Sanfeng


    36. The Basic Stuff: Qi by Stephen F. Teiser


    37. The Concept of Qi by Alex Holland, M.Ac., L. Ac.


    38. The Concept of Qi in Acupuncture Core Therapy: Visible Qi—Invisible Qi by Shoji Kobayashi


    39. The Essence of Qi by Master Joseph Yu and Elizabeth Moran


    40. The History and Concept of Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    41. The Implications of the Scientific Theories of New Physics by Professor Man Fong Mei


    42. The Meaning of Qi by Master Zhongxian Wu


    43. The Qi of Life by Denise Thunderhawk, L.Ac


    44. Turbid Qi by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson


    45. Two Keys for Regulating Your Breathing and Circulating Qi by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming


    46. Understanding the Concept of Qi by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson


    47. Understanding Yin, Yang and Qi by Alan Keith Tillotson, LAc. (Licensed Acupuncturist, Delaware), and Registered Herbalist


    48. Unveiling the "Message" by Professor Jerry Allan Johnson


    49. What is Qi? by Ken Rose


    50. What is Qi? by James Flowers


    51. What Is Qi? (and Other Concepts) by Christopher Hafner


    52. What is The Nature of Qi? by Sally Yasukawa


    53. Zhang Sanfeng Biographical sketch

    54. Zhineng Qigong - Pour Qi Relaxation Exercise by Vlado Rashev


    55. Taijiquan Treatise by Wang Zongyue


    56. The Formation of Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    57. Exposition of Insights into the Practice of the Thirteen Postures by Wu Yuxiang


    58. The Functions of Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    59. Song of the Thirteen Postures by Anonymous


    60. The Movement of Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    61. The Classification of Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    62. Modern investigations on Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    63. The Significance of Studying Qi by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    64. The Comparisons between Qi and Bioenergy by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    65. The Effects of QIHM and QRHM on Energy Metabolism—An experimental perspective by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    66. Conclusion to "Approach to the Nature of Qi in TCM - Qi and Bioenergy" by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


    67. References for "An Approach to the Nature of Qi" by Xing-Tai Li and Jia Zhao


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