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      article: Professor Man Fong Mei  |  date: 2017-05-15 11:28:22  |  Find articles by this author



    Professor Man Fong Mei

    Professor Man Fong Mei
    Source: https://shop.acumedic.com

    The Song of Genuine Qi

    First featured in the letter to the WFCMS Chairman, 23rd August, 2011


    In the rain

    In the wind,

    On this island of England

    A sad but noble song is sang,

    With the great dragons flying

    And raging in a battle,

    In the spirit of Chinese Medicine,

    The struggle between

    The genuine and the evil.

    Where comes the devilish worm

    That turns earth into dung?

    Is harmony the road?

    Or that of fame and power?

    Wander not in fogginess, my friend.

    Open up your eyes

    To see the greater horizon,

    Where the loyal heroes dwell.

    For the future is misty,

    Only the stars are friends

    In the darkness of night.

    When the Evil Qi is exuberant

    I ask the heaven,

    When will it wane?

    The sad earth answers;
    This is the way of Yin and Yang.

    Come will be the time

    When the Genuine Qi is abundant
    in this world.

    The renaissance of the spirit of
    Chinese Medicine

    Will envelop our noble circles.

    Dare to create, my friends

    A civilised world,

    Follow the footsteps of our ancient sages

    And have peace in your hearts.

    By Professor Man Fong Wei

    Professor Man Fong Mei was born 1946 in Guangdong province in southeast China. At age sixteen he moved from Hong Kong to London to study physics at Kings College. He died January 8, 2014. Throughout his life he worked for the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, culture, and thought. In his pursuits of science, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), political activism, academic excellence, poetry, philosophy and business acumen he was a modern innovative combination of Renaissance man and traditional Chinese scholar. See The Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds

    • 1972—He founded the AcuMedic Centre, London—the largest Chinese Medicine Organization outside Asia.

    • 1994—with the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, he established in London the Chinese Medical Institute and Register (CMIR).

    • 2007—He founded CHINALIFE 2007 in London offering a unique range of Chinese Tea and herbal tonics.

    He invented the world's first disposable acupuncture needle and designed the earliest range of micro-processor electro acupuncture and TENS devices.

    He was a visiting professor at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Guangxi Medical University, and the Nigeria Natural Medicine Development Agency.

    To insure the highest standards and quality controls of TCM, as well as to effectively counter evolving antagonistic legislation, he became Chairman of the CMC (Chinese Medical Council), and the European chairman of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies. In 2013, he joined a working group organized by the Department of Health (UK) to advise the Government on suitable implementation of herbal medicine legislation.

    A curriculum vitae of Professor Mei as inventor, founder of organizations, educator, and author; including public and academic appointments, memberships, and awards is at https://shop.acumedic.com/news/post/the-inspirational-life-of-profesor-man-fong-mei

    Don Mei continues his father's valuable work. http://betweeneastandwest.com/stories/don-mei [click the URL's upper right box "Don Mei's story" for further information].



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