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      article: Zhineng Qigong - Pour Qi Relaxation Exercise  |  date: 2020-03-28 22:33:58  |  Find articles by this author



    Zhineng Qigong - Pour Qi Relaxation Exercise

    By Vlado Rashev



    The following is a word for word transcription of a YouTube video of qi master Vlado Rashev teaching Zhineng Qigong.[1] In it the heart and mind are opened in an exchange of qi with the external world, with the aim of granting the body, qi and mind improved health and wellbeing. 

    Published on April 4, 2012

    Pour Qi Relaxation is an easy and pleasant exercise, which will leave you feeling totally calm and relaxed. A great practice for just before going to bed. Good for any sleeping disorders. Helps to experience the sensation of Qi. For more info about Qigong please visit http://www.self-healing.co.nz

    [Stand straight with feet together.] Relax the whole body. Relax the mind. Head high above in the void of sky. Feet deep down in the void of earth. Show your inner respect to obtain inner peace. Mind is clear; appearance humble. Empty the mind. Send the mind out to dissolve in the infinite void. Draw the mind back to illuminate the body. Body, mind and qi are one; jing [physical essence], qi [healing life energy], and shen [consciousness] are [a] wondrous one. Form tiger mouth [fingers and thumbs gently curved] with your hands (picture #1), your qi fingers deep down in the void below. Connected it with hunyuan ["mixed original"] qi below.[2]

    Lift a qi ball in front of the body to above the head, and keep getting qi while lifting your hands (picture #2). Carry qi up to above the head (picture #3). Visualize huge qi gathering, a pile of qi, open completely the top of the head and pour qi down through the whole body (picture #4).  

    Visualize qi flowing down from above in a continuous stream. Relax your hands and guide qi down to inside the head. Your physical hands go [down] in front of the head and the body. Your qi hands move inside, guiding qi down through the entire body: chest, center of the body, the abdominal area and hips, legs. Use your mind to guide your qi down through the lower legs and feet (picture #5).

    And think again deep down, the void of earth, connect and lift another qi ball. Make this qi ball bigger and denser, and keep lifting qi up drawing more and more qi to the qi ball (picture #6), carrying qi to above the head. Visualize huge pile of qi, very bright, very dense, very healthy qi. 

    Open completely and focus especially on the front side of the body, as if the body is spit into two—front and back; and pour qi through the front side only; right down to the tip of your toes. Relax your hands, (drop them slowly) and guide qi down, inside the front of the head - the forehead - inside the face and mouth - front of the neck - chest - stomach area - front of the abdominal area - front of your thighs - knees - lower legs - right to your toes. Feel qi in the front part of the body.  

    Think again, qi in the void below, use tiger mouth [hands] and lift another qi ball from the infinite supply of qi. Keep lifting and drawing more and more qi to your qi ball, make it denser, make it brighter, right to above your head (picture #7) in another big pile of qi very bright, very nourishing and very pure qi. Open completely and focus on the back side of the body only, and pour qi down through the back of the body. Relax your hands and guide qi down. Your physical hands go [down] in front of the body, your qi hands move inside the back side of the body. Guide qi down through the back of the head - back of the neck - upper back - middle back - lower back, always transparent and bright, - buttocks - back of your thighs - knees - calves - to your heels. Feel qi in the back of the body. Feel any changes.  

    Think again of the void below. Your qi fingers deep down earth connecting with hunyuan qi and lift another qi ball. Make this one even denser, brighter; keep drawing qi while lifting the ball to above the head (picture #8). 

    And this time think body is split into left and right, and use your left hand to pour qi through the left side, right hand to pour qi through the right side; like two different qi streams, two showers, left and right. Keep pouring qi down. Relax your hands and focus on the left and right side. Hands go down along the ears - left and right side of the head - around the shoulders, left and right shoulders - left and right side of the chest. Keep thinking the two different qi streams going down. Left and right hips - left and right legs - calves and feet. Feel both sides of the body; feel any difference, feel the similarity. Feel qi inside.

    Connect again with the infinite supply of qi below. Use tiger mouth again and lift all the qi below. Form a huge qi ball, carry qi up, carry qi to above the head (picture #9). Make this ball the biggest and brightest. And keep drawing qi from above; visualize continuous qi stream going down inside the body and this time focus on the very center of the body. The central line that starts from the top of the head, and goes down through the center of the whole body.

    Focus on the very center, relax your hands and [and with them] guide qi through this central line. Think deep inside, qi goes deep inside. Inside the center of the head (picture #10), through the upper dantian, through the center of the neck, to the center of the chest, middle dantian, center of the center of the body (picture #11), to lower dantian. Then qi splits into two and goes deep inside the bones of the legs, think the middle of the bones, left and right legs deep inside. Center of the knees, center of the calves and ankles, center of your feet (picture #12). Feel qi deep inside. Turn your palms forward, (picture #13) connect with all the qi around. (With your hands) gather qi and bring all the qi field to your lower dantian (picture #14). Hands on du qi, the navel, male left hand inward, female right hand inward. Hands on du qi, nourish qi in lower dantian (picture #15).

    Relax hands and open your eyes slowly.

     (c) (p) 2012/2017, Vlado Rashev


    [1]^ Zhineng Qigong is a medical qigong created by Dr. Ming Pang. 

    The Chinese word zhi (智) means "intelligent"; neng (能) means "able." It is often referred to as "Wisdom Healing™." The related Chi-lel™ Qigong is a derived form of Dr. Ming's work. For more information see: "Zhi Neng Qi Gong".

    [2]^ Hunyuan qi (混元气) is a highly complex term. Literally it means "mixed original qi." In the theory of Zhineng Qigong it is the basis of everything—both visible and invisible—in the universe, and the foundation of jing, qi, and shen. See "The Harmonious Big Family".

    YouTube Videos:

    Vlado Rashev. Zhineng Qigong - Pour Qi Relaxation Exercise at www.youtube.com

    Vlado Rashev. The Magic of Qigong - live recording of a 2 hour intro teleseminar in Qigong (Chi Gong) at www.youtube.com

    See also: "Videos" at www.self-healing.co.nz

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