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    1. Feng Shui, Native American Beliefs and Health by James Loretta. Both American indigenous people and Chinese geomancers believed in and used universal vital energy (qi) to gain harmonious relationships with Nature and with other people.

    2. Light, Color, Qi and Feng Shui by James Loretta. Life has evolved on this planet under the influence of our sun. So it is that our emotions, our mental states, and our health, are influenced by the colors found in sunlight.

    3. Qi (Chi) and Feng Shui by James Loretta. The Chinese traditional science of Feng Shui (literally “Wind-Water”) can manipulate energy to bring about harmony in a person’s environment.

    4. Qi and Feng Shui: An Introduction by John Voigt. It is a Chinese practice used to understand, correct, and harmonize the interactive energy flows of the environment with homes and work spaces.

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