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    1. Basic Qi Principles by Michael J. Gelb. A few basic insights that will help you get the most from qi-cultivation practices.

    2. Definition of Qi and Qigong by Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming. In order to understand qigong, you must first understand qi.

    3. Internal Qi Breathing by Michael Winn. The Daoist qigong approach to breathing is distinctly different from many other eastern methods of breathing.

    4. Is Qi Real? Yes, Beyond Any Doubt by Michael Winn. My biggest problem as a beginner was that I had been well brainwashed by western scientific ideas, a victim of my own ivy league education.

    5. Qi in Essence by Adam Wallace. Qi is regarded as a kind of message together with its carrier. The carrier is a kind of matter.

    6. Qi in Qigong by John Voigt. The concept of Qi as found in the practice of Chinese Qigong (Ch'i Kung).

    7. Qi in Qigong: The Theory by Various Sources. This entry was taken from sections of the article "Qigong" in the May 31, 2011 edition of Wikipedia.com

    8. Qigong Deviation by Various Sources. Negative somatic or mental reactions in the course of practicing Qigong.

    9. Zhineng Qigong - Pour Qi Relaxation Exercise by Vlado Rashev. A moving qigong meditation using Hunyuan ("mixed original") Qi.

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