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    1. Basic Qi Principles by Michael J. Gelb. A few basic insights that will help you get the most from qi-cultivation practices.

    2. Qi as Entertainment: The Force in Star Wars by Various Sources. May the Force—and Qi—be with you.

    3. Qi as Entertainment: The Force Grows Stronger by Various Sources. The Star Wars series has increased and amplified its analogies to Chinese martial arts and traditional spiritual beliefs.

    4. Qi in Calligraphy by Steven Luo. Chinese calligraphy is unique in that it is a visual representation or manifestation of qi.

    5. Qi In Chinese Painting by John Voigt. In the Occidental West, the tradition is the painter should represent the physical. Not so in Asia.

    6. Qi in Modern Art: Vincent van Gogh and Jackson Pollock by John Voigt. The two paintings described here offer an experiential understanding of how Qi may manifest itself, and offer an approach to a visceral understanding of what Qi is.

    7. Qi Is the Real Secret of Creativity by Michael J. Gelb. Consider a work of art that has moved you deeply. Whether it’s a play, a musical composition, a painting, or a dance, chances are that, more than the words, notes, colors or choreography, you were affected most by the energy of the piece.

    8. Qigong For Creativity In Music by John Voigt. Physical and visualization Qi exercises to bring more vital force into the making of music.

    9. The Visionary Qigong of Guo Fengyi by Guo Fengyi, compiled by John Voigt. Through her spiritual qigong this world famous artist developed a visionary remote viewing which triggered automatic drawing. In her words: "The message comes from heaven." "My works serve as intermediaries towards mystical spaces." "I draw to know."

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