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      article: Michael Winn  |  date: 2017-05-15 11:28:51  |  Find articles by this author



    Michael Winn

    For over 30 years Michael Winn has been teaching Taoist medical-spiritual healing and inner sexual alchemy, as well as tai chi, and qigong. He is the founder and director of Healing Tao University summer retreats. He has written dozens of articles, and created ten Tao home-study courses. He has co-authored seven books with Mantak Chia, including the classic Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

    He hosts Workshops and Retreats in and around Asheville, North Carolina; and leads the China Dream Trip each year which includes visits to Taoist monasteries and temples (and every other year to sacred mountains).

    He was a founder and two-term President of the National Qigong Association. For nine years he was Chairman of the Healing Tao Instructors Association, and was a founder of the Council of 9 of the Universal Healing Tao foundation.

    Michael Winn lives with his wife Jem and son Emerald in a simple log home in the mountains near Asheville, N.C. He has a private "qigong & shengong therapy" practice when he is not traveling.

    His web site is at http://www.healingtaousa.com/

    Email: winn@healingtaoUSA Further biographical information is at Who is Michael Winn?

    Taoist Secrets of Love: Cultivating Male Sexual Energy.

    Way of the Inner Smile: Tao Path to Inner Peace & Self-Acceptance, by Michael Winn. Introduction by Mantak Chia 130 pages. Free ebook.

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