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      article: Qi (Chi) and Feng Shui  |  date: 2019-09-21 22:23:40  |  Find articles by this author



    Qi (Chi) and Feng Shui

    By James Loretta


    All physical objects are made of vibrating particles of energy and even the space in which they sit is a sea of unseen energy or chi (qi). The human body is part of this universal energy-matter continuum. The Chinese traditional science of Feng Shui (literally “Wind-Water”) can manipulate this energy to bring about harmony in a person’s environment and create health and well-being in their body and mind.

    The action of feng shui takes place through the invisible energy known as chi. Chi is a broad term for not only the energy that flows through the human body but all the energies that exist around us. “Feng Shui is based on the idea that subtle energies, in the form of Chi, can be influenced and directed by nature and its various elements, by the placement of objects of various shapes and colors in different configurations, by sound and by the human mind.” [1]

    Physicists coined the use of the word quantum to describe the smallest amount of something that can exist. They have determined that the smallest particles are subatomic and exist throughout the Universe as a collection of energy in the form of virtual particles. It is these particles that we influence when we practice feng shui. The things we consider to be real in our living spaces and work places are nothing more than virtual particles of the quantum field emerging briefly and then disappearing back into the universal field of quantum energy. Through the hidden quantum particle field, the chi of our body interacts with the chi of objects and living things in our surroundings.

    A monopole antenna is omnidirectional
    and receives signals from any direction

    Thanks to the work of Dr. Phillp S. Callahan [2], we know that all living organisms including humans have natural antenna arrays or systems for gathering and sending information. Experiments have shown that these acupoints act in much the same way that a monopole antenna functions in radio reception. Electromagnetic frequency radiation as well as other subtle energies in our environment “communicate with the internal physical and subtle substance of the body via” the network of acupuncture points of the body. [3] These electromagnetic and other subtle energies are the “hidden” energies manipulated in feng shui. The impact they have via the acupoint antenna system explain how the adjustments of feng shui directly influence the human body-mind-spirit.

    Influencing the nervous system through action upon the acupoints, creates powerful effects due to the stimulation of “the hormonal factories of the endocrine glands.” [4] These glands and the hormones they produce influence just about every cell, organ, and function of our bodies. The endocrine system regulates mood, growth, tissue function, metabolism, and reproduction. Though separate from the nervous system, the two work together to help the body function properly. Since it is through the antenna array made up of the acupoints as well as other natural antenna arrays of the body that we receive the “hidden” energies produced by feng shui adjustments, you can begin to see why this ancient earth science is such a powerful tool on so many levels.

    Chinese Luopan (Feng Shui compass). Source: Wikipedia Commons. "File: Fengshui Compass.jpg" by FlickreviewR is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Modified to fit space.

    Besides the link between our health and the organs and the emotions, our mental states also have a direct impact on our state of well-being or lack thereof. Modern living creates much stress in our lives. Work, family strife, parental duties, financial worries, obsessions with sex and lust, alcohol and substance abuse—all these and more create anxiety and fear and obsession in our thinking. The mind is indisputably linked to the nervous system and mental imbalance upsets the emotions, which in turn create imbalance and eventual illness in the organs over time. Conversely, emotional disturbances upset the mind and one loses equilibrium in the meridians, which are linked to the organs. So, our emotional disturbances, as well as stress in our thoughts, are important internal causes of sickness through creating a stagnation in the flow of chi in the meridian systems and malfunctioning of the organs and their influence on bodily tissues and cell functioning.

    Feng shui is a very real ancient earth science that impacts our lives by adjusting the different invisible energies to which we respond, both consciously and unconsciously. Moving objects according to proper placement, changing color in a room, the use of sound like falling water in a fountain or from hanging wind chimes—all of these seemingly innocuous things can have direct on your health, your prosperity, and your personal life, thanks to the influence our intention and participation have upon the unseen particles that make up the energy field masquerading as our physical reality. At a very fundamental level, it exposes the hidden workings of chi. In this instance, it is the chi or bioenergy of our bodies, which is being influenced through our emotions by directed intention.

    Feng shui adjustments influence the sea of quantum particle energy or chi around us, thus bringing about a raising of our frequency level so that blocked emotions are released thus nurturing our well-being and our outlook on life. The hidden energies (chi) at work behind feng shui show themselves more and more as we continue to practice cures. Over time the relationship between chi and feng shui reveals itself as an effortless spiritual technology where everything is seen as a consequence of energy—Yin and Yang, Wind and Water and the coalescing of potential particles from the unseen quantum field of all creation through our directed intention. The final result will be that your personal spaces will become the poetry of your life. Feng shui is a very practical and intuitive art, which acts to create the most positive relationship possible between people and their environment through balance and harmony and applied on a larger scale, can even extend to the entire biosphere of the planet as well.



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