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      article: The Beijing Qi Healing Abduction  |  author: Various Sources  |  date: 2020-12-12 14:26:37




    The Beijing Qi Healing Abduction 

    Compiled from Various Sources


    In China UFO events are treated seriously by leading scientists and political leaders. In contradistinction to the USA, the Chinese government, its media, and general public think that such things are important, meaningful and worthy of study 

    This entry explores a famous UFO abduction in modern China where qi was used to treat and apparently heal a very sick young girl.

    Cao Gong's drawing of the male extraterrestrial. Source: Zhang Jingping's blog

    On December 11, 1999, in a suburb of Beijing, a 38 year old man, "Cao Gong" (an alias) was awakened at midnight by a loud noise. Standing at the foot of his bed were two beings, apparently male and female with long heads and small round mouths, dressed in silvery white tight fitting clothes. At first he thought they were thieves and he feared for his life.

    The female said "He is the one who can cure illnesses. Let us take him!" Then mysteriously the two floated out through a wall, and Cao Gong floated out after them. Eight minutes and sixty miles later, all three arrived at a desolate, uninhabited hilly area north of Qinhuangdao City. Below them was a flying saucer in the shape of table tennis racket and as large as a football field. They effortlessly floated into it and entered a small room that resembled a laboratory. This room appeared to be within a medium sized room, which in turn had a door that connected it to an even larger room.

    The Healing

    Cao Gong was flabbergasted. The male extraterrestrial (ET) sensing his confusion telepathically told him, "Don't be nervous. We are like you. Our universal life energies are the same. You're invited here to be in an experiment in which one earth being physically transmits energetic force to another earth being to heal illness. 

    The female extraterrestrial (ET) went into the adjacent large room from which came the sounds of mechanical equipment, along with the mournful cries and screams of pigs, dogs, cattle, sheep, and other unidentifiable animals. It sounded as if they were being beaten, dissected, or painfully injected with chemicals. She returned with a thirteen year old Chinese girl. The girl looked seriously ill, worried and helpless. Her skin was leathery—like dark processed meat. Her forehead was ashen grey and black. Her body was wasted away, all skin and bones. When she saw Cao Gong, another human, she seemed slightly less frightened.

    Cao Gong, a headmaster of a health sciences secondary school, wanted to examine the girl, but the female ET called out, Start it! Give him the energy! The male ET gave a hard slap to Cao Gong just below the base of his neck, on the "Big Hammer" acupuncture point [the Governing Vessel-14, between the seventh cervical and first thoracic vertebra]. Immediately Cao Gong felt a burst of heat surging through his body. It was an extraordinary powerful yet comforting vital life energy (qi -气). It ran from the GV-14 point just below his neck, down into his shoulders; and like rivers of radiating pins and needles, down his arms into the palms and fingers of his hands, where it now felt like numbing electrical-like discharges.

    The male ET signaled Cao Gong to do the same to the girl. Cao answered that he didn't know how to do such a thing, but that he would try anyway. Just at that moment, the female ET took out from a box lying on the floor a strange undefinable instrument, five or six small metal (perhaps golden) bottles, and something that resembled a black flashlight.

    Computer simulated portrait of the girl (Xiao Xiaomei–an alias) done under the direction of Cao Gong. Source: http://www.94677.com

    She placed the curious instrument and the bottles at the sick girl's feet, and put the black flashlight looking thing on the top of the girl's head, and pressed down on it. Immediately out from it oozed a translucent membrane—it looked something like a see-through raincoat. It wrapped itself around the girl and covered and tightly sealed her. It continued down to cover the metal bottles, then adhered itself to the floor.

    The male ET said, "Start the experiment!" Cao Gong began striking the sick girl on her GV-14  acupuncture point. He felt heat flow from his hands into the girl. When he tried to pull away, a powerful magnetic force prevented it. His hands, now absorbed inside the raincoat-like membrane, were sticking onto the girl. His arms and hands grew even number while a strong electrical discharge (the healing qi) passed from his palms and fingers and flowed deeply into her GV-14 point. Her body, now resembling a distorted leather bag, started trembling and twisting about. The instrument at her feet began to whistle; the metallic bottles shook back and forth. The semi-transparent covering surrounding the girl began to fill with a foul gaseous substance. And it seemed as if someone systematically was conducting the filthy substance into each of the bottles.

    After about five to six minutes, Cao Gong's hands suddenly sprang back from the girl. She now began glowing with health and vigor; she seemed like a different person. Whatever it was she had been suffering from, she now appeared cured.

    Seeing their experiment was a success, the two space beings became happy and started to giggle and laugh. The astonished Cao Gong asked them, "What's going on? How can this be?" The male ET answered, "Because you are in good physical health, I could supply you with cosmic light, electricity, and magnetic energy. Since such magnetic energetic abilities are not mutually repulsive, you were able to transmit it to her. Because she needed it, she absorbed it. This is all very normal."

    Next they invited Cao Gong to visit the large room from which still came the torturous cries of the animals. He told them no. So still keeping the girl for further experiments, the aliens obligingly flew him back to his home in Beijing. It was 2:20 AM; he had been gone for about two-and-a half hours. By 4:00 AM that same night Cao Gong was on the telephone in deep conversation with a member of the Beijing UFO Research Association, Miss Ma Linghuan, seeking explanations for what had just happened to him.  

    Zhang Jingping, a Director of Investigations of the World Chinese UFO United Federation, decided to take on the case, and by April of 2000 he was able to begin a through investigation. After several hypnotic regression sessions, a lie detection session, interviews with psychologists, Beijing police examiners, and ufologists—the case was found believable and at least by all appearances to be truthful: Cao Gong was honestly reporting what he had somehow experienced. And it was unlikely that he dreamt any of it: everything points to the fact that he was awake when it was all happening. (His nine year old son also saw the two aliens when his father was returned home.) On November, 2002, two years after the abduction took place, the girl, completely healthy, was found in Qinhuangdao, the city where the healing had happened.  MUFON. Dec. 2005.

    Cao Gong, UFO investigator Zhang Jingping, and Xiao Xiaomei. Source: http://news.qq.com

    A Further Explanation of Qi From an Extraterrestrial's Point of View

    In this case, the extraterrestrials—whatever they may actually be, or not be—certainly cast a new light on understanding and explaining qi, as well as demonstrating its use of Traditional Chinese Medicine healing modalities.

    What follows is an examination of the original Chinese language of what the ETs told Cao Gong, (even if it was telepathically communicated), in the words in which he described the event to his investigators. The editor of qi-encyclopedia strongly suggests that all of following terms are referring to aspects of qi (气 - 氣).

    Our universal life energies (yuzhou nengliang- 宇宙能量) are the same.
    A more complete translation offers these words: Cosmic. Eternal. Capabilities. Capacities.

    Give him the energy! (nengliang- 能量).
    A more complete translation offers these words: Energy. Atomic energy. Competence. Ability.

    The semi-transparent covering surrounding the girl began to fill with a foul (wu zhou - 污浊 ) gaseous substance (qi ti -气体).
    A more complete translation offers these words: Dirty, muddy bodily substance. Sewer gas. Foul life energy. 

    Editor's note: This "foul gas" is referring to xie qi - 邪气 – (pronounced sh'ay in a rising tone, chee in a descending tone). An academically proper definition of xie is "pathogenic"; however among everyday people xie is more commonly thought of as meaning "bad" – "devil" – "evil" – "sickness making" – "killing."

    The male ET explaining to Cao Gong how the healing happened said: I could supply you with cosmic light (yuzhou guāng - 宇宙光 ), electricity (dian - 电), and magnetic energy (cineng- 磁能).
    A more complete translation offers these words: Cosmic. Universe. Eternity. Infinite beyond time. A glorious bright light; a ray of light. Electrical shocking power. Magnetic energy (as studied in the science of physics).

    The very last thing the male ET said to Cao Gong was,  "We used a really healthy earth being like yourself to be the conduit to harmonize (tiao jie – 调节 - to "adjust, regulate, harmonize, reconcile") the qi and transmit it to the girl. Thank you. Because of your cooperation our experiment has been very successful."


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    Note: Most Chinese language sites can be translated into English (albeit not easy to read or fully understand) on such sites as https://translate.google.com/. For those who use Chrome see https://support.google.com/chrome

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