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      article: Mantak Chia Discovers Chi (Qi)  |  author: Mantak Chia  |  date: 2020-02-25 09:00:55




    Mantak Chia Discovers Chi (Qi)[1]

    Taken from an interview by John Voigt with Master Chia on June 7, 2011 during a lunch break at one of his workshops.

    Question: Your Universal Healing Tao catalog lists seventy-eight books that you have written (or co-authored). There are forty-two DVDs and CDs. Where did all this knowledge come from?

    Manta Chia: The thing is that I was lucky to learn a whole system from my Master.

    Q: Who was this master?

    MC: He was called Yi Eng, which means "White Cloud."

    Q: Where and how did you meet him?

    MC: I was studying in Hong Kong; at that time [1958], I was fourteen years old. The whole thing is that we read a whole lot of kung fu novels. It's so big [with the] Chinese people you know. In school all the people are reading [such things].

    And one day we're eating, about seven people eating together, and we talk about those novels, talk about chi energy and all these things. And we say we don't believe in it.

    Mantak Chia and John Voigt in Arlington MA, June 7, 2011.

    Q: [in a shocked voice:] You said you did not believe in Chi energy?

    MC: Yes. [That is] we don't believe it when we are with our friends. But for me, I like to read it. [and to myself I thought] There must be something there. So a person [named Cheng Sue-Sue] sitting [at] the next table—I call him "the Senior Classmate"—he came over and he said, "[If] you want to really feel the chi I can bring you to my Master." So we [all] said, "Very exciting." And I said, "Okay, let's go, let's go." He said, "Okay, come tomorrow at 10 o'clock." And you know what happened? Nobody comes except me. (laughter).

    The Senior Classmate asked "What happened to the rest of the people?" I said, "I don't know. (From 10 o'clock he and I wait until 11 o'clock. It felt like such a long time.)

    So he brings me to the Master (Yi Eng, which means "White Cloud" or "One Cloud"). He asked, "What happen to all your friends who want to know the energy?" I gave out a nervous laugh and said, "I don't know. It's just me."

    He looked at me and said, "Ah , very interesting. You must have a good Karma, you know." The first thing I asked him is that I wanted him to explain chi and all these things." And he said, "Yes, I can help you. It usually takes ten to twenty years in opening the Orbit." He put a finger on my navel and said, "You focus on the navel until you feel energy. [After] you feel the energy you come [back] to see me. And I go home and focus on the navel , and just focus, according to what he said and I feel the fire coming, Shhhh. So much energy.

    Q: On the same night?

    MC: Yes, the same night. After that I feel so much energy in my dantian, and it started to move, move the energy up. He didn't tell me about the orbit yet. And I started to feel the energy moving up and suddenly moving down, up and down, and I said, This is amazing!

    Q: The Microcosmic Orbit?

    MC: Yes. And this is what I'm doing here in [Opening] the Basic [Microcosmic Orbit Workshop] – we help people opening their energy.

    Q: Do you think that his touching you was the cause?

    MC: Yes. He gave me the energy, that's it. And that's what I'm doing for everybody.

    [Interviewer comment: He did it for me. The first day of the workshops, Grandmaster Chia touched my sacrum and the small of my back and I immediately felt intense chi-qi heat. Later another workshop attendee told me that she had perceived the effect of his touch not as heat, but as light. Another person said that she felt or saw nothing. Amazingly, this feeling of the energy stayed with me. A week later I could still feel its presence as a soft yet pronounced radiating echo from his original transmission.]

    MC: So after that feel so much energy I wait for two days. The third day I go [back] to see the Master.

    Q:You did what for two days?

    MC: I wait. He told me if you feel anything come [back] and see me. When I'm asleep it keep on moving, keep on moving, and when it stops I'm not aware of it. Sometimes I'm just reading, or writing things and it moves. Sometimes I just relax and it moves. And I say, "Oh it's wonderful," and I go to see him. And I explain, I tell him that, "I feel the energy; I feel the energy moving up and down; I feel it tingling."

    And he said, "Oh, you're kidding. You are very quick." So from there he teach the alchemy practice and all these things to me and from there I started to study with him. [2] [3]

    Editor's Comments:

    The full text of the original article, "Mantak Chia: An Interview About the Man and His Teachings" appeared in Qi Journal, vol. 21, n.3; pages 18-24. Print or digital copies are available at www.qi-journal.com. Mantak Chia tells much the same story on the video, London Real: "How I Met My Master." youtube.com


    [1] ^ Is it Chi or Qi? Mantak Chia uses the modified Wade-Giles translation of Chi for the Chinese word 气 [simplified] - 氣 [traditional]. That practice is found more in South East Asia than in mainland China, which prefers Qi; and that form (the pinyin style) is preferred by Qi Journal and Qi Encyclopedia. However, to maintain our respect for Master Chia we have used Chi when directly transcribing what he said. In our comments we will often use both forms, Qi – Chi, and likewise for Dao - Tao.

    [2] ^ For One Cloud's teaching of Daoist (Taoist) Alchemy Practice see: One Cloud Nine Formulas. Universal Healing Tao Foundation. http://www.universal-healing-tao-foundation.org/universal-healing-tao-system/one-cloud-nine-formulas/

    [3] ^ This is from an interview with Mantak Chia by Michael Winn: One Cloud lived in a simple hut in mountains near Hong Kong. He was 90 years but he looked thirty years younger. He had a kind smile and gentle strength. I was impressed by his kind smile and gentle strength. He lived simply, ate simply, a diet with no salt. "I visited White Cloud once or twice a week for almost four years. He taught me the classical seven Inner Alchemy formulas of Immortality that he himself had used to stop eating food. He said he had existed solely on chi (qi) for many years when he lived in the mountains of north China. He started eating again when the Japanese started bombing and he came down out of the hills. He believes that his liver was contaminated by bad food at that time, which may have been a cause of his eventual death at age 96." From "Story of Mantak Chia Meeting Taoist Adept One Cloud" at healingtaousa.com

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